Monday, December 12, 2011

Wrapping Christmas presents

Wrapping paper & decorations get more expensive every year. But I can't resist all the pretty styles, colors and Christmas themes, can you? All those cute reindeers, the beautiful sparkly colors from stripes to polka dots? I just love them all, but this year I am doing something different. I refuse to buy any of that this year. I am going to get some regular regular brown Kraft paper. Yep, that ugly light brown shipping wrapping paper. I have grocery bags I can use. However, it is going to be transformed into something beautiful and it is all because of my friends and family.

Last year I was looking at all our beautiful Christmas cards and I hated to throw them out. We had only had them for a few weeks at most, and man, what a waste.  They had glitter on them and some of them were a 3D type card. So I thought of a way to keep them and use them. I tore off the front and trimmed them up. Some I would “fussy cut” a specific scene on the card or just cut out an animal or Christmas tree. This year, I am going to wrap the presents in the Kraft paper and decorate the packages with the cards from last year. I have some twine and small decorations that I can put on the packages also. I will still use up my bows and may finish up using what little paper I have left, but for the most part all the presents will be Kraft wrapped! J

See what I mean? Isn’t it pretty? OK, I confess, it’s Pinterest. I haven’t wrapped my presents yet, but this is a good representation of what they are supposed to look like, lolol. :) This one has Rosemary tied in the ribbon! What an excellent idea! I think I will try it!

This is a pretty one and similar to what I am talking about. Looks like they made a snowflake!  There are a ton of fun crafts you can do with your kids too. I saw this on Pinterest and can't wait to make one for our little baby Kai next Christmas!

Enjoy your week! Link up to the Holiday Barn Hop here!


  1. I love using brown paper for wrapping,so organic looking.

  2. I love the idea of using old scrabble tiles! I am so going to be on the look out for these at thrift stores!

  3. We are doing the the same thing this year! I love the look of Kraft paper with organic elements tied in. Sooo pretty!

  4. Ha! I downloaded the PDF of that snowflake from pinterest! Too funny. It's a very pretty look. I always buy postal wrap and one print for my wrappings. The fun part is the embelishment :)

  5. Wow, what great suggestions and ideas. Thank you. Very pretty.



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