Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quilting progress

This weekend I did a lot of sewing. I have two quilt tops that need a little more touching up before I can baste them together with the batting and backing. I am still not sure if I will be quilting them or if I will take them to a Long Arm Quilter. This is what they look like so far...

This is my "Brick Wall" top and it will be backed with the purple and green swirley fabric on the bottom ...

This is my "Birdie" Quilt top and it will be backed with the crazy reds and blacks...

I'll bind with this brown...

These are the crazy reds and blacks...

This is the whole sha-bang for the "Birdie" quilt. I am thinking of tying part of the quilt withe the brown embroidery thread but if I change my mind and quilt it,
I will use the green thread.

I also made a car seat cover for my grandsons car seat. He doesn't have all his shots yet, so this will help keep people from touching him and breathing on him, lol. Here are pictures of that project...

Not bad for a first timer. (I used this tutorial). She loves it and that is what matters!

So that is what I did this weekend. I finished the Brick Wall quilt some time ago, but have just now gotten around to getting the back of the quilt. I am still not sure of it, but I think it will be fine. I had to add the border to the Birdie quilt and did that this past weekend. I am pretty much happy with them so far, just need to get them basted and finished.

My friend wants me to make her girls a couple of quilts and I still need to work on a Tee-shirt quilt for another friend, whew. I have a couple of other projects in the wings also, but more on those later.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Barn Hop!

Well, it's that time again. Time for the weekly Barn Hop! Click on the badge below this post to join in or just read along. It is so much fun!

Here are my veggies! 

Can you spot my tomatoes? There are four of them nestled in there.

remember what my chives looked like a couple of weeks ago?

Rosemary looking better after a trim!

Lavender looking good!


My favortie, Thyme!

My mom's fav, Radishes...

Green Beans, week of the 20th...

green beans today...

Strawberry this morning...

Strawberry plants...the birds and squirrels love them, lol

Our lone little Azalea blooming on the patio!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Today give thanks to the Lord and enjoy your day!

February 26, 2012

Outside my window...it is just getting light and it is going to rain.

I am thinking...of all the things I have to do today.

I am thankful...for all my family coming together to celebrate two birthdays!

In the kitchen...the oven is on

I am wearing...a tee shirt and shorts...and socks

I am creating...a car seat cover, 2 quilts and an iPad case.

I am going...to bake lots of goodies today.

I am wondering...how I will get it all done, lol.

I am reading...my devotions in the mornings.

I am hoping...for peace.

I am looking forward to...the week.

I am learning….how to take criticism.

Around the house...I will straigten up for the family gathering today.

I am pondering...where to start...

One of my favorite things...family days.

A few plans for the rest of the week: baking, sewing, cooking
& playing with this guy...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Walmart & Insurance

I have this love hate thing with Wal-Mart. *sigh* I hate going there because the one I go to has got to have the worst associates they have ever hired, the store is nasty and I hate the fact they get (almost) everything from China, not to mention how reportedly they treat their employees. I honestly try not to go there, ever. However, prescriptions are cheaper there than anywhere for someone like me who doesn't have insurance. I try to just go in and out for the scripts only, but usually someone in the household asks me to pick something up for them. I am there and it is convenient therefore I get the item.

I feel so dirty when I leave too, lol. Most everything else I buy is locally supported, but I just can't get away from Wal-Mart, can you? Does anyone else have the same relationship with them that I do?

As far as not having insurance, no one pays my medical bills. I pay them when I go to the doctor or when I have a test. They do discount the fees for people without insurance though. But all that tells me is that the 'product' is not worth the mark up they put on it for people who DO have insurance. I think with all the drugs that are advertised today, people can be led to 'find' things wrong with themselves from their doctors who are there to 'push' certain medicines or procedures. I see it a lot at the dentist office too, lol.

I for one am getting/going back to the way it was when I was young. I only go to the doctor when there is something terribly wrong or if I need a physical. A cold only lasts seven to ten days. The drugs they would prescribe can have lasting effects forever...

Don't even get me started on Pharmaceutical companies, lol. That is a whole other rant.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Being prepared: Water

Being prepared for emergencies is a very important topic to me. Living on the Gulf Coast of Florida we have hurricanes during the summer and fall and they can devastate people’s lives. Being prepared with essential emergency goods will help ease most situations and is just a smart thing to do. 

One thing I am always concerned about is water. You can pretty much go without food for a while but not water. I believe it was last May or June when I invested in a Berkey water filter. We purchased the Berkey Light.
This says it best (from the directive21 website):
 “The Berkey Light is so powerful it can be used to purify non-potable or unhealthy water in situations where electricity and water pressure are not available. For normal everyday situations or for hostile filtration environments, the Berkey Light is the most flexible and adaptable water filter available. The Berkey Light provides reliable, user friendly, powerful and economical water filtration and enhances the ambience of any environment”.

We have iron & Sulphur well water and this is what our Berkey water filter looks like:

If you look closely you can see the line of dark water in the top (our well water) and then down below you can see how pure and beautiful it is! I was amazed. It tastes wonderful too. I am saving on bottled water too. Don't even buy it anymore. :)(Don’t you love our colorful walls, lol)
I was not asked to review this filter, I just believe in what it does and think people should be informed about this as a possibility for good clean drinking water. Even if you can’t get this filter, maybe you could start with the small water bottles they sell. Those are awesome too. I you would like more information you can go direct to www.directive21.com website. Jeff is a great guy and will answer any questions you might have.
All opinions are mine. I have not been solicited to write this review, I just believe in the product.
This post is linked up to the Barn Hop & Preparedness Challenge! Click the button below to follow along.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Homestead

We had a little excitement on our property back in December. A pair of bald Eagles came to live on our property. I first noticed a strange chirping and whistling in the evenings. The next thing I knew there was a huge eagle flying over the house and I could see him (or her) collecting sticks (not twigs, lol). We found the nest just to the north of our house! It is huge also. I guess a beautiful bird like that with a wingspan of about 6 feet would have to have a huge nest, lol. You could go outside and see them flying together too. They were beautiful.

Eagles nest
Can you see the nest?

Unfortunately, the Eagles have been run off the property by the owls that live here.
I know! Meany's! Both birds are predators and I guess the owls figured they had priority on this piece of land. Owls eat all kinds of things, but Eagles primarily eat fish so I can’t figure why they would run them off but they did. The owls made the worst racket at night until they finally left. L Sad. It would have been nice to see the little babies.  

Sandhill cranes

We have this pair that comes to the pond to feed most days. They like to come to the door also. You see they like dry cat food. J Yes, I know, “don’t feed the animals”, lol. I can’t help it they are so adorable. They are aggressive though so you have to be careful. The other day they were on the patio and the cat saw them. He ran all the way across the room and jumped into the sliding glass window, lol. I felt sorry for him, but it was funny. The birds were startled, but they are smart too because when they saw that he was stuck inside, they came closer to the window taunting him, lol. 

Enjoy your week!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kai's quilt

This is a little rag quilt I made for my grandson Kai. Isn't it cute? And so easy to make too. I can't wait to snuggle with him in it.

These are the five different fabrics; robots, abc's, jungle, trains & puppies. They are all made for a little boy. :)

This is another quilt I did (and got paid)! She is sending it to her MIL's caregiver's daughter in Tennesse.  

shows the "quilting"

the back

the front

I am very proud of this one because I attempted (and actually like) the quilting on it! It is just straight line, but you have to start somewhere, right? My customer loved it and she said she will pass my name along to others so that is exciting. :)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 3, 2012

My little Garden

I decided to grow a small garden this year. Last year I tried a bigger one and it, along with the weather, was a disaster. So I am trying container gardening again this year. I had success the year before, so why not?

This is my basil. :) Sweet, sweet basil.

 My lavender. It is from last year and is looking kind of scraggley, lol.
I am hoping for a miraculous recovery though!

These are my little onion chives. I almost pulled them out of the dirt before I realized what they were, lol. I think they will do quite well this year.

Roma tomatoes! I have 2 of them this year.

Oregano. It still needs to be weeded and cut back more.
I will get to that this weekend.

Rosemary, looking a little scraggley too. I trimmed it up and watered it well so hopefully it will be full again soon.

Strawberries. The four on the left survived from
last year, yay!

Thyme. My herb of choice. I could walk around with a piece taped under my nose all day if I wasn't afraid of being locked up in the looney bin. *sigh* I love the smell and it cooks well with almost everything!

I still have potatoes to plant and may do some jalapenos, but probably not much else until summer. Then I really want to grow some yellow squash. I am determined to grow it this year since it was a complete failure last year. Not going to let it beat me. I love yellow squash! yum!

What are you growing in your garden?
Have a great week!


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