Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Homestead

We had a little excitement on our property back in December. A pair of bald Eagles came to live on our property. I first noticed a strange chirping and whistling in the evenings. The next thing I knew there was a huge eagle flying over the house and I could see him (or her) collecting sticks (not twigs, lol). We found the nest just to the north of our house! It is huge also. I guess a beautiful bird like that with a wingspan of about 6 feet would have to have a huge nest, lol. You could go outside and see them flying together too. They were beautiful.

Eagles nest
Can you see the nest?

Unfortunately, the Eagles have been run off the property by the owls that live here.
I know! Meany's! Both birds are predators and I guess the owls figured they had priority on this piece of land. Owls eat all kinds of things, but Eagles primarily eat fish so I can’t figure why they would run them off but they did. The owls made the worst racket at night until they finally left. L Sad. It would have been nice to see the little babies.  

Sandhill cranes

We have this pair that comes to the pond to feed most days. They like to come to the door also. You see they like dry cat food. J Yes, I know, “don’t feed the animals”, lol. I can’t help it they are so adorable. They are aggressive though so you have to be careful. The other day they were on the patio and the cat saw them. He ran all the way across the room and jumped into the sliding glass window, lol. I felt sorry for him, but it was funny. The birds were startled, but they are smart too because when they saw that he was stuck inside, they came closer to the window taunting him, lol. 

Enjoy your week!


  1. Eagles are so gorgeous. Too bad the owls drove them away. I love the trees with the moss on them. When we went to Florida in October, we were in awe by them. So pretty.

  2. We were so disappointed. :( And not one single picture could we get of the bird itself! lol. They were gorgeous though. :)



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