Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quilting progress

This weekend I did a lot of sewing. I have two quilt tops that need a little more touching up before I can baste them together with the batting and backing. I am still not sure if I will be quilting them or if I will take them to a Long Arm Quilter. This is what they look like so far...

This is my "Brick Wall" top and it will be backed with the purple and green swirley fabric on the bottom ...

This is my "Birdie" Quilt top and it will be backed with the crazy reds and blacks...

I'll bind with this brown...

These are the crazy reds and blacks...

This is the whole sha-bang for the "Birdie" quilt. I am thinking of tying part of the quilt withe the brown embroidery thread but if I change my mind and quilt it,
I will use the green thread.

I also made a car seat cover for my grandsons car seat. He doesn't have all his shots yet, so this will help keep people from touching him and breathing on him, lol. Here are pictures of that project...

Not bad for a first timer. (I used this tutorial). She loves it and that is what matters!

So that is what I did this weekend. I finished the Brick Wall quilt some time ago, but have just now gotten around to getting the back of the quilt. I am still not sure of it, but I think it will be fine. I had to add the border to the Birdie quilt and did that this past weekend. I am pretty much happy with them so far, just need to get them basted and finished.

My friend wants me to make her girls a couple of quilts and I still need to work on a Tee-shirt quilt for another friend, whew. I have a couple of other projects in the wings also, but more on those later.


  1. My wife is a cross stitcher, It blows my mind that you all have such a awesome talent! She has a blog "Maple Cottage Stitcher".

    1. Thanks Clint. I will check out her blog. LOVE quilting, sewing, handwork blogs! lolol

  2. The quilts are beautiful! Someday I will make a quilt, for now it is mainly knitting for me :-) And I love the car seat cover. I wore both of my babes in a moby wrap - very close to my body. People still felt the need to come over and lift up the wrap while I was in stores to see the baby. Talk about uncomfortable!

    1. ooo, i would love to learn to knit too, but for now I have a lot of fabric to use up, lol. My daughter has a moby too but it isn;t her favorite and so far the car seat cover is working great. :)



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