Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mom-isms and more...

So my mom & I were riding in the car today, out doing some errands, and I was talking about being at the water park in town earlier in the week. I was saying that I like ‘walking’ and swimming the lazy river because it was good exercise and very easy on my knee and joints. This is what the conversation was like:
Me: “I think I will go to AI again very soon and since I have an annual pass, it is free. Free is good”.
Mom: “Yep but if you wanted, you could swim in the lake and wrestle with the alligator. That would be good exercise”.
Me: “Uh, no”.
Mom: “I wouldn’t want to either. Alligators are evil I think. They were born grumpy too”.
Me: “how do you know they’re grumpy mom”?
Mom: “Just look at them, they just look grumpy…and evil”!
LOL, I love my mom and am SO blessed to be able to ‘hang’ with her. Thank you GOD!
Needless to say, (and much to my nieces dismay), we do have an alligator swimming among our lakes. He/she will come and go between them until she breeds or lays her eggs or whatever it is she is here to do.Everyone who lives on the lake has been warned.
We haven’t been swimming in the lake in years anyway, due to pollution and the jet skis mucking up the water. I guess that’s life in the ‘wild’ of our little 8 acres in the suburbs, lol.

In other news our owls had twins! Can you spot them in the tree?

Unfortunately they also killed a couple of Pileated Wood Peckers. (I think that is what they were anyway). Decapitated them, can you believe it? Mean old grouches! I guess they were offended by the color red. I think the woodpeckers had babies too which is unfortunate too. L I don’t know what to do about them. I suppose there is really nothing to be done. It is the circle of life, but they didn’t even eat them, just killed them.

Our Sandhill crane that was injured is gone. But this is good news as our neighbor knew someone who comes out and picks up hurt animals and is nurses them back to health. The mate is gone but I am not sure if she took her with him/her or not, lol. She said if she could, she would bring them back. I keep hoping to see them but haven't so far.

That is about it for now. I am hoping to have a garden update in time for the Barn Hop on Monday. See you there!

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