Saturday, April 28, 2012

Preparedness Challenge

Today I want to talk a little about emergency preparedness and the emotional toll. Death is never a good thing to think about, but it is a very necessary part of life and is inevitable. If we had a terrible emergency that took people’s lives instantly or almost instantly could you handle it? Not everyone will survive and you have to be able to help the people in your life, that are left behind and to somehow move on. Help loved ones through the emotional and real part of death? Are you prepared to do that? Have you thought about it at all? Not everyone will survive but hopefully you will take the steps to help where you can. I am going to continue to read all I can on it and try to get my mind wrapped around it. I have a hard time with death in ‘normal’ times, much less an emergency situation so I am hoping that I can find lots of resources to help me with this.

I also was reading a blog (can’t remember or find it now, sad L) about EP and the first “rule” on their site was ‘tell no one’ about your food storage. It got me thinking about a couple of “what if” scenarios.
They went something like this:

#1 - People know that I have a food stash and therefore will expect me to help them out.
#2 – No one knows I have a stash and I can then pick and choose who to help.

#1 – People will be vicious when there is food involved, or rather lack thereof. I am not telling people anymore about what I am doing, including some of my family members. Most of them laughed at me anyway so it is an easy transition. I just laugh along and don’t say much. I just continue to slowly get my food stores in to place so that it is there when it is needed.

#2 – see #1. I am going to have to work on myself in this situation because I am the type that wants to help everyone! I just have to come to grips that I won’t be able to and still survive & take care of my own family members.  

Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to hoard my food products, but sharing with everyone under the sun isn’t going to help anyone and I would run out very quickly. So I would have to have priorities and rules of my own in place, right? Have you thought about the ‘rules’ you will need to survive? I  admit I am still researching this subject as well, but thought I would bring it to everyone’s attention so it can be prepared for & thought about now.

Preparedness is about a lot of things, not just food and shelter and hopefully, this will get people thinking about how they will handle some of the unusual situations.


  1. Those who laugh will be the first in line "expecting" your help because they've done nothing to help themselves.

    Great thinking post. I'm visiting from Preparedenss Challenge.

  2. The possible situation you have outlined above is why I have tried to focus more on the learning and practicing methods for living of the land more than the buying and storing things. People cannot steal my knowledge AND I can teach anybody what I know and hopefully we can all survive. That is also part of the reason behind blogging and starting a homemakers group this year- It is my goal to help educate as many as possible on how to provide for yourself no matter what the situation.



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