Monday, June 6, 2011

Barn Hop #15

Garden Update!

My garden; what a mess, lol. I am going to get out there this week and really make it shine. I have to tell you that I have had something get into my garden at night. I need a fence, but being unemployed it is not on the menu yet. My sister has a pool fince she is going to loan me but for now...we have all kinds of 'things' in the garden. And it is working! HAHA. We have badminton rackets, balls, gnomes, plants with shiny foil, poles, and obscene looking piece of coral and other various things. Whatever works! BUT the damage is: they pulled up my beans from seed so i had to buy some new ones. they pulled up my cucumber but I was able to save it. However, it is not doing much so it has probably been scarred for life. They pulled out all of my sweet potato slips, pepper and a coupld of small tomato plants, also some mini bells peppers and destroyed the nasturtiums. I think that is it. :(

So, back to what IS going on in the garden...
The Hunan Peppers are looking good. Buds and little babies all over most of the plants. I have found out they like lots of water.  We haven’t had much rain so I am watering most every day. At least we have a well and no water bill. J

The Dill is getting ready to go to seed, but I don't mind one bit. It is yummy and I threw some in my shrimp the other night.

These bean plants are doing so well and they are from last fall! Look at them go! The one below is new due to the animals.

What is up with my parsley? If you look real close, in the middle, the leaves are real thin and different looking. I followed this stalk and it is indeed part of the parsley! I have never seen anything like it, have you? We'll call it mutant parsley from now on. ;)

Tiny broccoli plant from last fall also. (I have issues with pulling up old plants, can you tell)? It actually looks like it is starting to come back...even though it is 98 degrees almost every day, go figure. 

Cucumber in the middle, lol. Poor little thing.

Watermelon is going strong. See the badminton racket? lol

The potatoes are doing real well, the bloomed so now we are just waiting for them to die back! :) I am sure we still have a ways to wait but we are almost there. I hope they turn out ok. Seems like this garden is weirding out on me, lol

 These are Stupice tomatoes!

Can you see that little white-ish yellow kernel? I guess it is a kernel. I have never tried to grow corn so I am not sure what (or even if) I will get. The animals pulled out most of this too. I put them back in and they would do well only to be pulled out again *sigh*. I finally gave up and just let it be. So far (with all our 'yard art') they have left them alone.


Squash. Now I see everyone else is already canning theirs, lol. This too got pulled out and was replaced - late, so I am not even sure it will survive the heat. We'll see.

Green pepper

Obscene looking coral, lol. I purposely did not get a close up shot. You will just have to guess. :)

Glacier Tomatoes

Little bitty cabbage (leaves mostly).

The bugs got to this, but the middle seems to be doing ok and it looks like the bugs have stopped. I read somewhere that you can tie it up and try to make it make itself into a ball of cabbage.

Who knows what is going on, but it has been interesting (and maddeningly frustrating) to say the least. *sigh*
Now you can see why I am SO envious of everyone’s gardens, lol. Mine is the schleprock of all gardens. ;)
I am not giving up though. It is all practice, right? I have learned a lot already and can improve on that for my fall garden.

Have fun at the Barn Hop today!


  1. It is always a learning process. I'm sure you'll be very successful. The key is to keep at it!

  2. Everything looks pretty darn good! Things are coming along nicely.



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