Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preparedness Challenge #11

This week has been especially hard on me for some reason when it has come to this blog. I apologize, I have had no motivation whatsoever. That said; I do want to participate in the Preparedness Challenge. If I do nothing else, I need to prepare.

So this week I have researched and made lists of what all I need to complete my 72 hour bags. They are really coming along nicely and I am please with them. I also talked to my family members about preparing in general and what all I feel we should do if we ever had to leave our house. Where we would go and (hopefully) we could follow one another in cars. Our plan is to drive north to my sister’s house and on a good travel day it is 9 hours away. (I guess we should let her in on the plan too, lol) If there were an emergency, everyone and their mother would be on the road and the 9 hours would probably be more like 24 or more. Who knows if gas stations would even be open and have gas? So that is something to think about also.
I also researched tents. I had no idea how many tents there are! I am NOT a camper; as a matter of fact my idea of camping is a Holiday Inn. However, I definitely want to purchase something in case we need it. But wait! I need a seam sealer and mattresses, waterproofing and cooking gear. Oh my, there is so much, the list goes on. Ok, I am being dramatic. Of course I would only pack the basics, but you get the picture. I was beingg sucked in and I totally got overwhelmed. LOL.
The only thing I did that was 'tangible' was to buy some Berkey Sport water bottles! I am so pleased with our system that I just had to buy the portable ones. If ever there was a testament to this water filter just go to the blog and read about our well water. You can see the difference and read the blog here.
I hope everyone had a good week. You can link up to the Preparedness Challenge here.

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  1. Blogging can be overwhelming.....everyone needs time away from it occasionally. Sounds to me like your preparedness is coming along just fine.



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