Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Black Friday frugal find (or rather Saturday morning)

Thanksgiving is over but the excitement is still in the air around here and will be for a while. We will be decorating this weekend and getting a tree. Might as well get our money's worth, right?

I admit I went to Joann's yesterday during black Friday, but since I wasn't really running around to any other stores, I took my time and just explored. They had a good sale on flannels and other fabrics, thread, etc., and I took advantage of it! :)

The problem started, when I got home. I had no room for more fabric. What was I thinking? *sigh* Have I told you how much in love I am with fabric? Ah well, now on to the frugal solution.

I started at Target and looked on the website to get an idea of what they had in storage. Hundreds of dollars, no thanks. Then I moved on the Ebay. Same thing, too much money. I then decided to look at craigs list and check out the garage sales that were going on but didn't really see anything that sparked my interest. I decided against it because I would probably find other things to buy and we don't need any more junk, lol.

Then my brilliant mind thought of my sister and all the furniture she has in her house! So I called her and explained what I was 'sort of' looking for. I didn't really know myself actually and after perusing Pinterest, for what seemed like hours, I still had no idea. Anyway, she told me she had a cabinet that might work and to come over today and look at it. Deal. If the cabinet didn't work, she suggested the Salvation Army store.

So off to bed I went, dreaming of my new fabric cabinet! Ahhh, what a lovely night.

Well this morning I awoke to my mom rearranging her room, lol. Since I wasn't going to my sisters for a while, I decided to help her and work on getting rid of some things in my own room. We ran across some of those clear stackable drawers/tubs that had some Christmas wrapping & bows in them. I have a huge box I keep under my bed that has paper and other wrapping stuff in it too so we just consolidated it all together!

Sort of like this one

Now I have the drawers for my fabrics and I didn't even have to spend a dime! I love when I can find things to reuse and not have to buy anything. Especially so close to Christmas.

Do you have a budget for this time of year? Leave a comment if you like on a frugal Holiday tip. :)

Thanks for reading

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