Monday, October 17, 2011

Mama kitty

Mama kitty in all her glory!

So, it’s been kind of a rough weekend. My "mama kitty" is 19 years old and we found out this weekend she has kidney disease and is now blind (due to the disease) caused by high blood pressure. Did that make sense? The kidney disease caused the high blood pressure that causes the blindness. Anyway, I knew something was wrong and we have kept an eye on her all weekend. Then this morning came. Her right eye was pure blood red. Luckily, there is an emergency vet 1/2 mile from our house so I packed her up and took her down there.

They did all kinds of test and determined the kidney disease. I am very sad because I know the end could be near for her and I just love her so much. She has been a wonderful companion to me and my daughter for a long time. When I moved to my mom’s after my father passed away, she came with and did not like it one bit. She was used to being outside but had to stay in the house here. Lots of reasons why, but needless to say, she learned to like it and has had a wonderful life. Even so it is hard to see her like this. The doctors said she isn't that bad for a 19 1/2 year old cat, but I question what quality of life will she have? They say she is not in pain and just to give her the meds and keep things normal in the house. Don't rearrange things, etc and she should be ok. It just breaks my heart to see her like this. I cringe when she walks into a wall or trips over something when just 2 days ago, she was sleeping on top of the refrigerator.

The plan is to take her to her regular vet tomorrow and let him look her over with the test results they did today and then determine what would be best for her. *sigh*

Whenever her time comes, it is going to totally suck. I hate death and don't deal well with it (like anyone does?), but I will deal with it like I have many other times in the past. That's just life.


  1. It's so difficult always, but especially when they are so old and have been with you for so long. I was in rescue for a very long time so most of my animals came to me old, but my oldest animal ever, a 13 year old rabbit I'd had since a 6 month old, taught me what it's like to share your life with an animal for so long and have to say goodbye. It's always the most difficult part of having animals, but the good outweighs the bad in the end. Enjoy the time you have left and spend as much as you can with her, as I know you will :) Hugs,

  2. Today is definitely a better day than the weekend was. I have more hope. She is getting around a lot better and learning. Animals are amazing. I am spending all the time I can with her and protecting her from our other "bad cat", lol. He will possibly be another post, lol. Thanks for the kind words.



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