Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Baby Quilts

Here are some of the baby quilts I have made lately. I included two 'tops' and am starting another lap quilt this weekend...

This is a little flannel "rag" quilt

This is a baby gift for my friends daughter, she like fishes.

For a little girl...there are the cutest little hippos on here.

For a baby boy...dreamy & I tied it on the backside for this one. The embroidery thread is green and matches a stripe in the back side of the fabric.

This is the top of one I finished today. Love the green polka dots...the yellow will be the backing. I will bind with the green polka dots.

my favorite...(just a top right now)

The purple will be the back and the binding. I love these colors together.


My little helper! I just love her...see the orange cheeks? She dresses like a pumkin
for the church pumpkin patch. The kids love it! So cute!
The seams are so not perfect, but I am still learning and I stuffed everyone of them with love so the babies will be wrapped up in it! :)

My Christmas "lap" quilt is still at the long arm quilters, but it shouldn't be too much longer. I can't wait to see what miracles she has done with it. I will post pictures when I get it back. I am really enjoying this new found love of fabrics and sewing. Do you quilt or sew? What kinds of projects do you make? Any tips for me? :)

Thanks for reading, enjoy your day! 


  1. Oh how lovely!
    I think your favorite is mine as well but I love the one right above that as well.
    I quilt,mostly by hand, I tend to prefer the English paper piecing.
    Beautiful job!

  2. Thank you. :) I would LOVE to learn the English paper piecing. I have seen some patterns, but have more investigating to do first. And need more experience too, lol.



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