Monday, April 25, 2011

Barn Hop #10

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This week around our Homestead things are going well. The weather is HOT! We are watering every day already and the veggies are growing very nicely.

Mom was able to mow a little bit today. She waited for Saturday to do the "big mow" for Easter. She is very excited to be able to get back out there. The family came over and we had a casual Easter dinner after church. Lots of relaing was had by all. ;)



cuke bloom
Herb garden


Lavender top

Potatoes! (Yukon Gold & Red Cloud)

Squash Blooms


I started my garden later than I could have and I am really hoping I didn't wait too long. It gets really hot form now until August and I am a little worried that the plants might get too much sun. Is that possible?

I have been thinking about possibly starting a small community garden for me & my friends to work together. What do you think? Have you participated in a community garden? Any suggestions? Thanks for reading.


  1. hello there! i found your blog on the barn hop! my husband and i started 2 hives this year...we are so excited to be beekeepers! when you get a chance check out my blog...

  2. Your garden is coming along nicely~I would love to know more about the bags(?) that your potatoes are planted in! Enjoy your nice weather~it's raining up here again! :)

  3. Hi Jo, will come over and check it out! :) Thanks for letting me know.

    @Kim, they are potato grow bags. You can get them all over the internet and I love them! I so far, (as you can see) I have had much success! I can't wait for the harvest. Thanks!



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