Saturday, April 9, 2011

Preparedness Challenge - week #4

This week my brother gave me a book called Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook, by Peggy Layton. (I have not been solicited by the author to review this book. This is only my opinion of what I have read to date). I have to say, this is a really good book so far. I am about half way through and there is a lot of information which is very useful. This book starts out preparing you for short term storage and moves on to storing water, first aid kits, etc. It even has a chapter at the end with recipes for your food supply (if you need them). I like that it starts out with a 72 hour kit, then a 3 month supply and then moves up to a year’s supply, showing how to rotate the food and supplies so you can use the product before the expiration date. It really makes you think a lot about what you would need in a hurry if you have to evacuate your home and also for long term. I like that it covers pets, medication even a contact list for members of the family. She tells you to have a contact person out of your state for family members to all check in with too, which I have never thought of before. This coming week I am going to finish the book and implement some of the food storage ideas in it.

I also want to work some more on our water situation. We live on 2 spring fed lakes and have a spring fed pond on our property, but the neighbors around the 2 lakes have boats, jet skis and immaculate yards, therefore we have gas, oil and fertilizer in both lakes. The pond isn’t big enough for boats and we use no fertilizers on our grass, but the muck is thick and there are lily pads everywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions to ‘clean’ those sources of water if we had to? Would boiling it be enough? I will definitely be researching this as well in the coming weeks, but welcome any knowledge on the matter. I have a 55 gallon food grade rain barrel for the garden and want to get a few more. I really want a cistern, but I don’t know much about them, yet.

One of the chapters deals with stockpiling. I haven't gotten to it yet but I think it will be a good chapter to read; which leads me to a question a little off subject. Did you see the TLC show Extreme Couponing that was on TV this week? The “coupon-ers” buy products with their coupons, buying huge quantities of these items and spend very little money or get the items for free. Each of the people profiled had at least a year’s supply of products stockpiled. However, I noticed that the groceries consisted of boxed foods, canned foods and household items, such as razors, deodorant, shampoo, toilet paper, etc. I did not see any fresh foods or vegetables and I find that sad. I love my coupons and LOVE to save a buck; I just wish manufacturers would offer coupons for healthier foods. Even better, grow (and raise) your own, right? Our little garden should provide us with fresh produce but in addition, I would like to find a solution for fresh meat. I am still debating the jump into chickens and I would love a cow for the milk, but I am not sure I could process either for the meat. :}

My list to get prepared keeps getting longer but in the end it will be worth every second spent on it. We will be in a great situation in case something happens and can help out family and friends in a pinch. Of course, we can't forget to thank God for everything we receive and everything we can share with others. We have to trust that he will get us through anything. With God all things are possible. Join in the Homestead Revival Preparedness Challenge today!


  1. Great post. I would not have thought of boats/jet skis creating issues with the water, but you're right. Changing that tire reminded us that oil is all over the pavement - and on the clothes when that happens! (Before it got too bad, we took out a car mat and he used that to protect his clothes). Anyway, you should consider a Berkey water filter (see ad in my right sidebar - I don't make money off of them but they are advertisers and I have one myself since Y2K). The Red Cross supposedly uses these to take with them into disaster areas because it filters even e.coli from the water. I've used mine just because I like it, but we have a little spring out back and a lake about 1/2 a mile away and I like knowing I can run my water through it just to be safe. They're expensive but very nice! Check out their site.

  2. Thanks Amy, I will check them out. :)

  3. I just checked to see if our library had the book you're reading--I should be reading along with you in a week or so. :-) Thanks for sharing!



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