Saturday, April 2, 2011

Preparedness Challenge #3 - What I did this week

Today is the day for Amy's (Homestead Revival) Preparedness Challenge! I love this challenge because it really makes you think about things. As I made my lists and preparations, I found myself thinking of things I know I would never think of during an emergency. That alone is a great reason to join this challenge!

This week I made a list of my (and my mothers) medications. I also kept a menu of what we ate all week, including ingredients, so I can make a list of everything we need to have for a 3 month supply of food. I am starting with 3 months because I got a little overwhelmed this week. :} I will continue to work on the food lists this week and make small purchases for storage.

I made some good buys this week for the emergency supplies from Walgreens and CVS and saved money with coupons. Yay, I love coupons! I also found some good (free) containers for more seedlings and purchased some more seeds to store. We had a lot of rain this week so I had some time to think about the important things and that is always nice. Sometimes we get too busy with everyday 'stuff' that we forget to do that.

I am sorry to say I also got laughed some. It is ok though because I will be prepared for tomorrow and can help those that laughed at me today.  ;)


  1. Thanks for visiting! You know...I used to live in Tampa. Sometimes I feel, we need to move down south. I am sure you have tomatoes in the ground and we are still waiting for the snow to go : ). Happy Spring!

  2. What's that old saying? Something about he who has the last laugh....

    Being wise in our culture isn't always popular, is it? Thanks for linking up to the Preparedness Challenge!

  3. Let others laugh! Have one good storm that takes down the electrical system and they'll find out who's the wise one!

  4. Why is it that being prepared meets with such opposition? If it's good enough for the Boy Scouts...



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