Monday, April 11, 2011

Summer pleasures

Barn Hop #8!
It has been hot around the old homestead this week so I am just going to post some pictures of what I will be up to soon. These photos are from last year. Enjoy!
nice sailboat!

the captain
nephew in the pool

little tiny fishes are in that seaweed

niece and her friend

looking up the sail!

the shoreline

my nephew splashing me

at the beach

And that is what I will be looking forwar to this summer! Hoping for yummy veggies to go along with all the fun too.
Go on over to the Homestead Revival and join in the Barn Hop. :)


  1. Ahh. Your pictures make me think of summer.

  2. I second Tanya -- Ahhhhhh!!! What a nice, refreshing post on the Barn Hop today!

  3. Such summery fun! I'm in MN and there is snow in the forecast (again). I wonder if summer is coming this year. ;)



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