Monday, January 30, 2012

Barn Hop #47

This week has been awesome weather wise. I thought it was supposed to be a cold and rainy this winter in Florida, but I guess not. At least I hope not. I know it can still sneak in there but I bought some plants anyway.

I worked on getting my beds ready to plant this weekend. We had 74 degree weather today and the sun was bright. I had a surprise (or four) in my square garden bed too. Four little strawberry plants that survived the hot summer months & multiplied! I had them in a pot, but it got knocked over and I thought they were goners but they just rooted themselves and continued to do well. I actually bought another one today (there were two in the pot) and planted those right along with the others. So now I have six total. I am not sure how much they will produce, but they sure are pretty!

I also bought two tomato plants (Romas), a basil and a thyme plant. My oregano had taken over the area so I cut it back and will dry those leaves. I also had a nice little surprise in that my chives have also survived. My rosemary is looking kind of 'stick' like, anyone have any suggestions on what to do? Should I just cut it back? At least it will fill out more, hopefully. :)

It was supposed to get down to 46 tonight so I brought the tomatoes and herbs back in the house, but they got some sunshine today. I don't think it will get that cold, but that is what they are calling for.

I am not going crazy this year on gardening. I tried to do too much last spring and nothing worked out well, so I got discouraged early and didn't do any fall gardening. But I am getting back on the horse and trying again. Small this time around. I am going to grow some pole beans this time around as apposed to the bush beans. The bush beans did ok, but I am hoping for better luck with the pole beans. I found a latticed piece of board that I will use for a trellis. Yay, free is good.

Speaking of beans, a friend of mine told me about a good recipe for them. Here is the recipe for "french fried green beans". I haven't tried them yet, but my friend swears they taste like french fries.

green beans
olive oil
salt & pepper

Lightly 'oil' the green beans as evenly as you can but don't saturate them (like other roasted veggies). Salt & pepper them and then roast in 350 until crisp. She said it took about 30 minutes. That is it!

I will definitely be trying them this week. :)

You can join up with the Barn Hop here. Enjoy your week!


  1. Yum! Those green beans sound amazing. Will definitely have to try them. I'm glad you're getting back into gardening. A little at a time. Luke and I want to start growing veggies in pots on our back deck. You wanna give us some advice?

    1. I made them tonight and the only thing I would change it to maybe cut them in half first and to really keep an eye on them. they got away from me and I burned some, BUT they were scrumptious! Yummmmm.
      I would just start with the typical and grow some tomatoes, peppers and herbs. Start with that and then go from there. If you have a railing, maybe some green beans would be good. They will need sun so plant so they get lots of sun. :) xoxo Thanks for commenting!

  2. Amazing you are getting so much done! I absolutely agree that we should take a trip to your place to warm up and recover, I'm all for it and I think the Pug and Chihuahua are packing their bags as I type! LOL.

    Those beans sound yummy! It's about 35 here and it's like a heatwave, minus all the snow ;)

    1. yay! come on down, lolol. I am praying the weather stays nice. Last years "spring" was horrendous but so far it looks great! I do have the tomatoes in containers right now, so I can get them in the house if I need to. :)



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