Sunday, January 29, 2012


This past week our house has been a wreck...and still is, lol. We are having our bathroom redone. Not for of aesthetic reasons, but out of necessity. (I didn’t take any before pictures, but will take after) This house is 55 years old and it was time. When my dad built this house he did it right and used great materials, but nothing lasts forever and it was past time. The bathroom is in the center of the house, therefore has no ventilation. I don't think anyone really put in a vent back then. Anyway, we are putting in a vent so the moisture can get out! Replacing the walls (mildew), toilet, and bathtub. We have a little wall in there also that had to move to accommodate the new shower too. Everything is going real well. :) We are pretty happy...except for the mess.

It is fine though because while they are in the bathroom working, we can go through the millions of bathroom items that need to be gone through and reorganized before it goes back in the new room! I love organizing and throwing things out. Needless things anyway. We would pass on anything usable but not by us before throwing it out of course.

I also organized all my fabrics, notions and scraps yesterday! Man do I have some scraps! Any suggestions? I finished a baby quilt this week also and I even machine quilted it myself. Only straight lines, but I did it! I just have to bind it and then call the lady to come and pick it up! Yay!

Today I may take a run to Sam’s, go to my sisters to help her with a quilt and then come back and work outside. It is so pretty these days and will be about 74. Perfect! I need to weed some beds and get some veggies going. Clean out the Oregano (need some?) and replant Lavender and Rosemary. I need the vitamin D also. :) It really has been so pretty; I have to get out of the house!

Have a great day!!!

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