Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New quilts I am working on

Here are two new quilts I have been working on. The first one is put together, but I am going to attempt quilting it myself. I just need some nerve, can you send me some? I got the "foots" for Christmas so I just need to do it. When I do, I will definitely post. Good, bad or ugly. :)

The front is a whole jelly roll of solids. I saw something on YouTube called "jelly roll races" and it was fantastic, so I had to try it. The back is a black and white French/English verbiage of sayings like "I love you", "Seize the day", things like that. And the purple and green is just pretty. I love purple and green together.

This one is a top from a "quilt along" I followed along with. Actually, they did it last January but I found the blog in September. It was fun to do although it took a while to cut all the fabrics and get it sewn together. I think the back of this one will be some sort of black and white; polka dots or stripes, etc.

These colors are so much brighter and prettier than this picture shows.
I really need to invest in a good camera; and probably should take more pictures outside. :)
Now all I have to do is get it put together and quilt it also. I love my new found love of piecing quilts and sewing!

PS, my daughter is due today! Praying for a safe delivery, whenever he decides to make his entrance into this world!

Have a stupendous week!

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