Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting back to normal...

...whatever that is.

This past week has been a whirlwind, starting with last Friday night. My niece Claire and her husband came in from NC to see the baby. Saturday we played around with the kids and tried to get my daughter to go into labor, but no go. Sunday, her sister and her husband came in from Atlanta also. The 'couple' camped in the backyard between the house and the lake and they really enjoyed doing that. They listened to the owls hoot all night long, but it wasn't disturbing to them.

Claire & husband had to go home on Tuesday so we sent them off still waiting for a baby. Tuesday, mom & I took Erin & hubz to a little town nearby called Tarpon Springs. It is a Greek community on the water and we like to take visitors there when they are in town. It is sort of like a tradition. There is a little shopping district there with lots of good Greek lunch places to have eats. The big draw is the seafood and sponge docks. The sleepy community also has a big Epiphany celebration every year and most of the local boys dive for the cross. You can read about this year’s unusual celebration here. The boys who win have an extra special blessing for the whole year.

Tarpon Springs is situated on a bayou but you can drive out to a small jetty where they have built a nice little manmade beach.  There are bathrooms and showers there, but not much else, except the beautiful sand and surf.

Erin & Hubz had to pack up and leave Wednesday and we had to send them off without a baby. We had already found out that they would induce on Thursday though so at least we knew he was coming and coming soon. J

He came Thursday at 12:13! Labor was fast and short and mommy and baby are doing wonderful. He is adorable and I am thrilled!

This weekend I am working on a quilt, catching up from company, laundry and I am finally going to clean up the gardening areas and get some things planted!  I want to do tomatoes and herbs. My oregano made it through from last year and is growing strong too. My strawberry made it too and I have little off shoots! I was really surprised about that one. Of course, I will go see my little baby grandson at some point too. Can’t keep me away!

Have a great week!

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  1. Congratulations!! A new baby is the best. Enjoy!



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