Monday, January 9, 2012


I scored this weekend.

I was looking around on Craig's list and found some brand spanking new canning jars! They were still in the boxes and the plastic wrap was still on them. I was able to get:

1 case of 12 jelly jars
1 case of 12 regular quart jars
1 case of 12 wide mouth quart jars
1 case of 12 wide mouth pint jars

...all for $35! Less than a dollar apiece. :) I am seriously thinking of going back tomorrow to get more if she has any left. 

My other fantastic find was a food dehydrator! I have been looking for one for so long I never thought I would be able to find one at a great price. It is only $25! The couple is moving to Georgia and has to get rid of some things and it is barely used, has extra trays and she even downloaded a recipe book along with the instruction manual. I need both believe me. ;)

 Mr. Coffee Dehydrator
I am so excited to get my garden going again this year and to be able to ‘put up’ some food for next year.  My little sis is growing her own garden this year too so she can use it too!

:) Have a nice week!

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