Monday, May 9, 2011

Barn Hop #12

The girls are doing it again. Please join up and enjoy all the great blogs.
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I am doing a garden update today. Things are going ok, but the Cuke is just kind of sitting there. Not doing much. The cabbage is getting eaten by something and the green beans are not doing much either, although there are little blossoms. *sigh*. This is only my second year so I am still learning (and probably always will be, lol). For now, I will post pictures of the improving 'crops'.

These are my Hunan peppers in the top left and the 4 little trees I got for Earth Day from Lowes!

This is a tomato from my 'old man' tomato plant. (from last year and still going)

This parsley is driving my mom nuts. She wants to cut it all and use it for something, lol.

My yellow squash. It doesn't really seem to be going nuts like I thought it would, any suggestions?

Corn is about thigh high. :)

These are my potatoes!
The left and front are my Red Potatoes and the ones in the back are Yuklon Gold.
Woo-hoo, they are doing tremendous!

This is the Moon and stars watermelon. There were flowers last week. :)

Tomato blooms!

Dill is doing wonderful and it tastes good too.

He was disturbed from his sleep down under all that paper in the box. He is the funniest cat, but not very nice. We call him "bad cat". He is a beautiful Manx (no tail) but a pain in the rear, lol.

Everyone have a GREAT week!


  1. Wow the plants look good! I would have to say I'm jealous since I haven't been able to even plant mine yet due to it still being to cold where I live.

  2. Thank you. :)
    I am going to have to find some organic fertilizer though, I think they need a boost. Not sure what to get anyone have suggestions?

  3. Everything looks great! I have just started planting here in Northeast Ohio. Yours is coming right along. :-)

    Great blog.



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