Saturday, May 7, 2011

Preparedness Challenge week #7

This week, for the Preparedness Challenge, I will just continue to do what I am doing. I ordered 3 crank flashlights and read a couple of books on food storage, i.g., root cellars, freezing and canning.

One of the books, How to Store your Home Grown Produce, was written by a couple in England, (John and Val Harrison). They talk about storing in root cellars, freezing, canning (bottling) even salting their home grown foods. They converted measurements and adjusted for the difference between the US and England measuring. It was a good book and I recommend it. :) I got it at the library but I am definitely going to add it to my library. J I loved everything in this book. Not only is it helpful, it gives you a little history lesson on how people actually did store their food 'back in the day'.

This is my first year at growing potatoes and I am really hopeful for a good harvest so I was looking for a way to store them here in Florida. I would love a root cellar but we can’t dig down more than 5 feet without hitting water (it seems, lol). Since I don’t know my yield yet, I guess I have time to investigate.

I was able to get a couple of food grade buckets from my grocery store. They had frosting in them (just need to be washed out) and they are the smaller ones, but they are usable and FREE! Every little bit helps!

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  1. You can store your potatoes in boxes.Don't wash them just slightly wipe them off..wrap each potato in newspaper or tissue paper and don't let them touch each other.You can also layer them in sawdust or shavings.Keep them in a closet or a room that is cool.This works for us.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Thanks for sharing the book. I'm going to look for it at our library.

  3. Free buckets?? EXCELLENT! I'm going to check out that book you mentioned. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Thanks Cindy! I have sweet potato slips going in tomorrow and I am told they are very prolific! :)
    @Rana, yes, the book is awesome. :)
    @Amy, yes! FREE icing buckets at our neighborhod grocery store!



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