Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Fall Garden

My niece's friend Jackie took this picture in the mountains last fall. Beautiful!

I want to have a bigger garden in the fall. Yes, I am already starting to think about my fall garden. I am dreaming of seeds and perusing seed catalogs. What can I say? I am a planner.

We are really lucky to have a long growing season in Florida. The past two Januarys have been cold, but normally they are pretty mild. This year, we even had cold weather until March and that is almost unheard of. But I digress…

·        I want the garden to be bigger than it is now…
·        I want to make square foot garden boxes this time around…
·        I want to have LOTS of fresh vegetables for as long as I can…
·        I want to plant more flowers…
·        And I want my friends to be able benefit…

One reason I did the ‘bag’ method (Mother Earth News) this spring was because I will have a lot of the fall “beds” already established. All I will have to do is build the boxes, add more soil & compost and get rid of the plastic from the bags. It won’t be that easy, but it will be fun and I am looking forward to it already. My friends have expressed an interest in my tiny garden so I thought I would see if any of them want to help out and get paid in veggies. I don’t think technically it can be called a “Community” garden, but it will be a “friend-ly” place, lol.

So far I am thinking...

Bush or pole beans (just keep them coming)
Carrots (later)
Chinese cabbage
Garlic, lots of this!
& tomatoes

I am thinking about Strawberries and Shallots also.

I would love to grow enough to actually freeze or can something, but I will be happy with just some yummy fresh veggies to eat without having to pay the big prices at the grocery store. I am not sure what else will grow so I will keep researching to see what else might work. J
Thanks for reading!
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