Saturday, May 21, 2011

Preparedness Challenge #9

This week we finally got around to setting up the Berkey water system. However, my mom hates water & threw her baby bottles across the room when her mom gave it to her as a baby. She doesn't like it now but she drinks it. Her doctor told her she had to and I keep her on track. :) I won't let her mow unless she takes some outside with her, lol. The taste of the water is different than what I am used to; but I have been drinking sulphur-like well water for years.

I love water! So I am thrilled. Actually, my mom is thrilled too. Not because she likes water, but because she can stop filling up those milk/water jugs at the grocery store. The water is only a quarter but it adds up and this way she can fill them up at home and use the water as storage for the future. This water system will save us money in the long run. I feel so much better knowing we have it.

I have been doing some reading this week too, but not much in the way of food storage. I need to make a plan for that soon.

Go here to link up and read the great posts! Have a great weekend & thanks for reading.

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  1. And guess what!! Now you can add that you have a case of Emergency Food Ration Bars! That's right - you won!!

  2. We have a Berkey and love it! In no time at all, the water will taste completely normal to you.



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