Monday, May 16, 2011

Barn Hop #13

This past week I set up my rain barrel. Actually, it has been set up, but i haven't really "featured" it). The top has a screen over it to keep out the mosquitoes, pine needles and any other dropping/flying things, lol. This is a food grade barrel that I received from my county extension after taking a Rain Barrel course they offered. The top had to be refurbished by me after a big miscommunication between my brother & I. I didn’t put it under the eaves of the house because I understand there could be toxins within the roofing materials and I don’t want any good rain water getting contaminated and poinsoning my edibles. I could use the water from our roof on grass or flowers, but not in the veggie garden. The barrel works and that is what matters. Now, if we only had some rain.

I alos planted my sweet potato slips. I had no idea they were actual plants until I ordered them. I expected them to look like the potato seed I planted earlier this year. (You know, actual potatoes, lol). I have read that sweet potatoes are hard to kill so I am hoping for a good crop of those this year too. I planted peas and fertilized with a good organic fertilizer.

They look pretty droopy after I planted them, but they are looking better today.

Come back tomorrow for a bee update; but for now, head on over to the Barn Hop and join in the fun. J

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  1. We've got plenty of rain here. Want to borrow some??



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