Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday Frugal Fun - cancelled

So I don't hink I really have enough readers to do a blog hop yet. :) It is ok though. I will save it for another time when I have people interested. Or maybe I can come up with something more interesting. :) I may still do financial tips, just maybe not on Friday and as a blog hop. If there is something you would like to read about you can always leave it in my comments section too.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
Thanks. :)


  1. I think maybe more advertising? Trying to spread word around might help :) I think it's a good idea. Put your thinking cap on and see what else too, and then it's just a matter of getting word out so more people catch on :) Is it cooling off any there?

  2. Yes and I really didn't feel comfortable starting something while being so new to blogging, lol. Thanks though, when I am ready, I will do it right. :)



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